This market has only just seen the light of day.

It has yet to be conditioned by rules and regulations, it cannot be defined by any prevailing models, and it is not subject to any fixed formats .

In other words… the development options are as wide-ranging as your own creativity.

With this highly adaptable framework, Tribooks can serve a variety of functions.

Tell your story through multiple mediums of expression (text, sound, picture, and video)
Retail your film’s bonus material, deleted scenes, interviews, commentary, transcripts, trivia, memorable quotes, and production details.
Enrich your “How-To” book with video demonstrations
Elevate textbooks with historical footage, graphic images, animation, and sound bites.
Provide the full body of evidence and all of the background research hand-in-hand with your documentary.
Present alternative endings for your cliffhangers
Revive works from the past with a digital twist
Breath life into your travel book, arming tourists with their own pocket tour guide
Expand your tell-all into a show-all
Take audiences behind the scenes of their favorite TV shows with character bios, wardrobe details, timelines and back stories.