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(November 30, 2011; Culver City, CA)

International motion picture group TriCoast Studios, celebrating its 25th Anniversary as a prominent feature film production, marketing and international distribution company, has started a new division - TriBooks, in response to recent publishing industry “enhanced” product trends.

According to CEO Marcy Levitas, TriBooks – marketed with the tag “Read. Watch. Listen.” – is “a powerful sensory experience, distinguished from typical enhanced ebooks by the company’s experience as a first-class producer of branded motion picture and television product.”

In 2011, enhanced ebooks, some containing embedded video and/or audio between their pages, have increased sales by more than 250% in the USA, and faster in Europe, from the prior year. “Levitas explains, “The difference between a TriBook and an enhanced ebook is similar to the difference between a Blu-ray and a VHS cassette tape. We are a high-end film studio that has worked extensively with script translation into moving images and sound for a quarter of a century. We are not a publishing group adding in a few pictures or a message from the author. TriBooks are produced like films, particularly in the post-production phase, and can be customized to specific clientele.”

TriBooks President Strath Hamilton adds, “We have worked on numerous productions over the years, and with many cutting-edge entertainment technology visionaries such as James Cameron, Haim Saban, and Dino De Laurentiis. Our staff is highly-skilled in all facets of multi-media presentation but more importantly, because our strengths also lie in creative development of the written word, we are best suited for the new terrain of convergent technology.”

Unlike other publishers, TriBooks will be customizable, allowing a writer to self-publish their work in this new format, with sales presently offered on Apple iTunes, and soon to sell on other tablets, mobile devices and desktops, as their respective technologies gain compatibility.

Recent TriBooks licenses include feature films such as George Romero’s “Day of the Dead,” a project with surf film guru Dana Brown, and a litany of “How To” product, including the popular DVD series “The Art of Knitting.” Upcoming projects include TriBook adaptations of cookbooks, children’s fables and fairy tales, family scrapbooks, collector card albums, educational programs, religious works, political campaigns, television shows and features.

Says President of Creative Affairs Daisy Hamilton, “We strive to be user-and-creator-friendly, and look forward to strategically partnering with those forward-thinking artists, authors and creators who can grasp the future of convergent technology and mixed media intake.

Other TriBooks strategic partners include Vice-President of Creative Affairs Joel Eisenberg, President of EMO Films, and Producers Shannon Gardner and Martin Wiley. For further information on TriBooks, visit

Contact: Marcy Hamilton
TriBooks, Inc.
+1 310 458 7707